About Us

Welcome to Cyprus!

Ascot Travel was established in 1990 as a small family business renting cars in Limassol, Cyprus.

Since then the company has expanded and is now offering many exciting activities, including Excursions, Jeep Safari and Private Tours to get a taste of the real culture and make your holidays extra special.

Throughout the years Ascot Travel,  has formed a strong team of experienced professional drivers and Office staff dedicated to craft and create unforgettable holidays for people visiting Cyprus.

A wide collection of island-wide tours is available for you to choose from and if you would like to make your holiday extra personal we will give you your own Travel Specialist who will offer you expert guidance and support throughout your entire trip.

Ascot Travel is open all year round to assist you with every step of your journey. Give us the time and date of your visit and we will arrange everything for you.

So just relax, enjoy your holidays and trust Ascot Travel to do the rest!